The housing market in our communities is booming and there is a shortage of good homes on the market. Did you know that staging or decorating your home can not only give you a competitive advantage in the market, but can also add 10-15 percent to the price you get for your home?

Staging isn’t something you need to hire a professional to do: you can do it yourself – and for under $100! In fact, most areas can be staged for nothing!

Yes, you heard right.


Why Is Home Staging So Important Anyway?

As I mentioned in the beginning of this post, staging your home not only gives you a competitive edge, according to (Whoever insert link here), it can add up to a 15% increase to the closing value of your home!

This is accomplished by making the home more appealing to all of the potential buyer’s senses. This encourages guests to be less critical and feel the home is an enjoyable journey as they enter a room.  

Each room will build itself and when the agent finishes at the front door, the family will again be greeted with a sense of comfort as they leave your home.

Now that you understand how important a good home stage is, let’s talk about some of the best things you can do to stage your home without breaking the bank.  Read on below to learn 5 amazing things you can do to complete your goal of staging a home for sale on a budget.

Tips For Staging A Home For Sale On A Budget

1.    Pack Up, Clean Up and Pick Up (Price:  Free!)

Remove most of your personal items and photos in each room. Remove nonessentials from cabinets, counters, closets and the floor. 

You want to make the room look larger by allowing the eyes to sweep across the room.  Let them imagine their family living there.  Open space helps sell your home.

2.        Lighten Up (Price: Free)

Greet the guest with open curtains, sparkling windows and turn on all the lights.  Removing furniture and clutter will make a small room look more spacious.  Especially focus on oversized furniture, opening walk-ways, and adding lighting if necessary.

3.         Patch Up (Price :Under $10)

Look at your walls…smooth finishes are a must.  Repair cracks, holes and dings with spackle and caulk.  Home neglect begins with little things.  Remove these before the buyer begins to question the stability of the home and the prep work they must do.

4.       Cover Up (Price for Oops paint: $7 a gallon)

Neutral and earth tone shades do not startle the eyes.  Fresh paint brightens and freshens any room.  Home improvement and discount stores will often discount past customer’s paints.  Their “not quite perfect” could be your “just right”!

5.        Draw Up (Price:  Free)

Move furniture so there is a focal point:  a window or fireplace, for example).  Open the room by moving them away from the walls, windows and walkways.

Final Thoughts

Staging your home does not guarantee an instant sale, but the home buyer will leave your home feeling contented.  (Agents need to be impressed to.) Like buying your home, staging your house is the best investment you can make when preparing to sell your home.

Consult an impartial eye to review each room.  Create this checklist before you begin, to save time.  

Then Relax with them with a warm cup of tea and a muffin!